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Tim Wu: Drop the Case Against Assange

Prosecution of WikiLeaks would badly damage the United States’ credibility in claiming to be a vital advocate of an open global Internet.

Mozilla Leads the Way on Do Not Track

Earlier this week, Mozilla announced plans to incorporate a Do Not Track feature into their next browser release, Firefox 4.1.

Openleaks, WikiLeaks Rival, Launches New Secret-Spilling Site

A former WikiLeaks spokesman launched a rival website Friday, saying he planned to give whistle-blowers more control over the secrets they spill. The new platform, called OpenLeaks, will allow sources to choose specifically who they want to submit documents to anonymously, such as to a particular news outlet.

Exclusive: Roku Lands Its First Cable Channel

Roku is expected to announce Tuesday an unlikely addition to its programming lineup: WealthTV. This will mark the first time a cable channel has joined the streaming device

Cutting the cord on cable TV with Roku

This Christmas, as a gift to myself, I opened a small and unassuming box with a clever card to welcome me: “Hi!”

This was the start of a beautiful relationship, between me and my Roku, a relationship that will save me thousands a year.

I have been meaning to simplify my life for some time now by “cutting the cord” to cable television and the Roku has finally given me an important means to do it. Roku is a digital media player (internet TV) which streams content in high definition to your television.  The version I bought, the Roku XD, retails at $79.99. The current premium channel lineup consists of Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Hulu plus and others. For music lovers Pandora Radio is also available.

Time and money are at a premium these days and ridding myself of the superfluous has turned into a daily practice. Inspired by the guys over at “the minimalists”  I decided to abandon all 270+ channels of mind numbing cable content laden with commercials.  Saving over $90.00 a month without cable, and $1080.00 a year it was a simple decision…that is with my Roku XD up and running.

What surprised me the most about this capable little box is the sheer volume of outstanding (and free) content.  Content that I choose to install…or not. Need the local weather? Download the weather underground channel. Want to watch the news? Download the Roku newscaster.  Enjoy listening to audio books, perhaps watch a lecture given at Yale?  Download the CDN2 Channel. The list goes on.

I love technology that does what you want it to do (and more) and sets up in a matter of minutes.

Especially for less than $100.00!

Roku installs in three easy steps: 1. Plug it in.  2. Connect Roku to your wireless internet  3. Watch/Listen/Enjoy

Today, as I was walking out the front door of my house to return my cable box, DVR and remote, I was welcomed by another Hi! It was the UPS man, delivering my second Roku XD.

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales: App stores a clear and present danger

The app store model is a more immediate threat to internet freedom than breaches of net neutrality. That’s the opinion of Wikipedia chief Jimmy Wales.

Hacker cracks W-LAN password in 20 mins using Amazon cloud

A German hacker says he cracked the wireless LAN password of his neighbor in 20 minutes – using the cloud computing power available on Amazon in a demonstration which he says should sensitize people and businesses to security issues.

EFF Calls for Action to Defend Tunisian Activists Against Government Cyberattacks

Demonstrations & protests over unemployment & poor living conditions have been ongoing in Tunisia since the beginning of December, but last week the Tunisian government turned up the heat on bloggers, activists, & dissidents by launching a JavaScript injection attack that siphoned off the usernames and passwords of Tunsians logging in to Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.

Did Google Get Hacked Because a Chinese Official Didn’t Like His Search Results?

The Chinese government has been running a hacking ring that launched a hack attack on Google earlier this year, according to a diplomatic cable leaked by WikiLeaks yesterday.

Web Delivery Firm Says Comcast Charging Unfair Fee For Data

Level 3 Communications Inc., an Internet backbone company that supports Netflix Inc.’s increasingly popular movie streaming service, complained Monday that cable giant Comcast Corp. is charging it an unfair fee for the right to send data to its subscribers.

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