This blog reflects my personal views.

I have not updated it since I became an in-house lawyer in 2018.

When I used to post on this blog, I was running an opinionated law firm. Our opinion was that the Internet should be open and free. On a range of matters, my past clients included Google, Dropbox, Apple, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress.com, eBay, SoftBank, Charter, and the National Association of Realtors. I worked on free expression, copyright, government surveillance issues, patents, broadband and wireless, net neutrality, and pro-entrepreneurship policies.

I was on the Boards of Directors of several nonprofit advocacy groups, including Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and Engine Advocacy. This work was pro bono, done out of love for those organizations and their extremely important work. I was also a Senior Fellow at the Democracy Fund and a fellow at New America.

Before taking on any corporate clients, I was an academic and a public interest lawyer. I was a lawyer for Free Press, a nonprofit that takes no contributions from governments or corporations with a stake in their issues.

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