WordPress Blogging With Google Glass–in Iceland

I am going on vacation in July this year and will be traveling around Iceland.

On this trip, I will be taking photos with Google Glass and automatically posting them from Glass to this WordPress site. I am sure you are wondering how that’s possible.

For my trip, my partners at Silica Labs decided to build the first WordPress integration for Google Glass. This will make it possible for me to directly blog from Glass to WordPress, sharing photos and text directly from the device to a blog. (Already, a Google Glass user can directly share to Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, thanks to apps developed by those companies.)

I think the Glass-Wordpress integration can help people tell the stories of their travels and journeys.

I am a huge fan of WordPress and of Google Glass, so I’m glad we have integrated the two. Silica Labs has been working with media companies like National Geographic, and Glass integration with WordPress should provide a useful tool.

I think the photos from Glass will be cool. I’ve been to Iceland before and took some of the best photos of my life there. It has volcanic ash beaches, interlocking bays, mountain ranges, and geothermal pools evoking an almost alien beauty. You feel like you’re in a movie about another planet or an ancient realm. Here, look:

iceland lunar

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