Google Glass Ready for Shipping

Google announced that it will release Glass devices in waves to its program for Explorers–notably developers.

I’ve been reading quite a bit about Glass, first with an eye towards public policy (privacy, data, etc.) and then with an eye to user experience.

User experience because two weekends ago I took part in a Startup Weekend competition. Our team included two designers plus two Google Pioneers. Pioneers, a smaller group than Explorers, are developers who were invited to one of two Google Glass hackathons. One of our Pioneers had even won a prize at the New York Glass hackathon.

After everyone on the team watched Timothy Jordan’s SXSW speech about developing for Glass, our team spent a lot of time thinking about how people will use Glass and how it may change our lives. We have continued thinking about this question since the competition.

We organized the Google Glass DC Meetup group to bring together the folks in DC who are excited about Glass. Several Pioneers and Explorers will be there. Those in DC should join.

(Oh, and with so much talent on our team, our project ended up winning the Startup Weekend competition with an instant-help app. It was my second Startup Weekend and I am a big fan of that organization and recommend others try it.)

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