DOJ Response to Judge Jerry Smith’s Judicial “Hissy Fit”

Here it is.

A well-known conservative federal judge in Texas, Judge Jerry Smith, engaged in a “disgraceful” “hissy fit”–or asked a reasonable question, depending on your point of view. In response to recent comments by Obama that courts should defer to considered judgment by a duly elected, enacting Congress, Judge Smith asked the DOJ to file a brief letter affirming judicial review in a case.

The Attorney General filed a short letter. For those who speak “lawyer,” we can translate the text as DOJ’s polite way of saying: “The President is right, the courts have said so repeatedly, and you are completely out of line.”

It reminds me of the scene in the Other Guys, “Tuna v. Lion,” where Will Ferrell turns Mark Walberg’s arguments against him and ends “Did that go how you thought it would go? Nope.”

Here’s the clip, with Will Ferrell playing Eric Holder and Mark Walberg playing Jerry Smith.

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