Speaking at Future Tense Tomorrow: Tinkering!

Tomorrow I am speaking on a panel at the New America Foundation on “Tinkering with Tomorrow.” The day’s line-up is a who’s who of academics (Tim Wu), White House officials (Tom Kalil), start-up CEOs (Etsy’s CEO), and journalists (from Slate and Ars Technica). Here is a link. Future Tense is a collaboration among New America Foundation (where I’m a Legal Fellow), Slate Magazine, and Arizona State University.

It will be great fun, a really important discussion.

I will be on a panel discussing the patent system and the Do-It-Yourself Movement. In preparation, I am reading about patent prospect theory, the Homebrew Clubs, hacker spaces, Yochai Benkler’s works on peer-produced innovation, and von Hippel’s work on user-innovation. If you find that kind of thing fascinating–and you should–hope to see you Wednesday at the New America Foundation.  

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