U-Nebraska Space & Cyber Conference in DC Next Week

My former employer is coming to my once and current city, Washington, DC, to host panels at the Willard Hotel on space and cyber policy. The conference will be held in the afternoons/early evenings of October 12 and 13. The receptions afterwards are usually fun.

October 13 is the Cyber policy panel. Here are the details. The announced speakers are all elite intellectual giants and advocates in the cyber policy world.

Pre-register here.

Cyber Attacks, Cyber Espionage, and Cyber Crime

 Th, Oct. 13th 3:00-5:00PM; reception 5:00-6:30PM


  • Col. Gary Brown, Staff Judge Advocate, US Cyber Command
  • Catherine Lotrionte, Professor, Georgetown Univ. (former Assoc. Gen. Counsel, CIA)
  • Joe DeMarco, Partner, Devore & Demarco (former Asst. US Attorney for Southern District of NY)
  • Jim Lewis, Director and Senior Fellow, Technology and Public Policy Program, CSIS (invited)

On October 12, I will have to miss the Space policy panel, as I will be in NYC moderating a panel on mobile privacy .

I hope to attend October 13’s cyber panel–with a lineup like these four, it’s hard to skip.

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