Monty Python Explains AT&T’s Latest Moves

There’s no doubt that Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a comedy classic. Those who have appreciation of such things should watch it, and those who show classic films to their kids (and you know who you are) should definitely put it on their lists.  Now, picture AT&T as the chap hoisting the older fellow, and cast T-Mobile as the poor sod who insists, “I’m not dead.” AT&T is doing everything it can to kill off poor T-Mob, even to bopping it over the head and throwing it on the cart with its other victims of the Black Death.  That’s because the more AT&T can marginalize T-Mobile, the more its tenuous case to take over T-Mobile will remain on life support. Even in the face of the Justice Department taking the extraordinary step to go to court to block the takeover, AT&T isn’t backing down. It never does.

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