My Internet TV Article Receives Some Recognition

Received this nice email about my law review article discussing copyright and online television.

Re: Marvin Ammori, Copyright’s Latest Communications Policy: Content-Lock-Out and Compulsory Licensing for Internet Television, 18 CommLaw Conspectus 375 (2010)

Dear Professor Ammori and Editor:

The referenced article has been judged one of the best law review articles published within the last year in the fields of entertainment, publishing and the arts. As such, it has been selected for inclusion in the 2011 edition of the ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLISHING AND THE ARTS HANDBOOK, published annually by Thomson Reuters (West). This Handbook provides in-depth treatment and comprehensive coverage of the latest issues, regulations, legislation, and case law affecting the entertainment and publishing industries and the arts. As editor of that HANDBOOK, I am privileged to congratulate you on the selection.

Happy my article will be anthologized in an annual publication devoted to entertainment law and I thank the good folks at Thomson Reuters. I hope the republication will make the article available to some people who might not have otherwise come across it.

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