My Article: 3rd Most Downloaded, SSRN Constitutional Law

I got an email saying that my article was among the top ten most downloaded articles on SSRN, among constitutional and statutory articles, from January 31 to today. Turns out I’m not only in the top ten, I’m third.

Not bad for an article I posted only 12 days ago. It’s called First Amendment Architecture; it has received some great attention, and I am pushing its ideas.

Here is the full list.

Also, I visited Northwestern Law School yesterday, and saw a friend on the faculty there. His office looked very academic: books and stacks of papers everywhere. He pointed to the largest stack in the center of his desk,  and said, “That’s your article on top.” So people are downloading, hopefully to read, believe, and spread the gospel.

Glad the ideas are getting out there, even in draft.

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