Ammori Law Review Article

I recently posted a draft law review article called First Amendment Architecture.

After months of working on the article, it’s interesting to see it out in the world and to see people talking about it. On Concurring Opinions, Tim Wu was kind enough to call it “important” and “fascinating.” (I’d sent an earlier draft for his comments.) Several hundred people have at least glanced at it. I posted it on a site called SSRN the night of March 23d. Today is the 26th. SSRN reports that little more than 600 people have read the abstract. So, on average, about 150 people a day–most of that in the first two days. Over 60 people actually downloaded the article, which isn’t hundreds or thousands, but still pretty gratifying for an author facing a small target audience for 70-page law review articles challenging conventional wisdom about the First Amendment.

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