Speaking at TEDx U. Michigan

I am going to travel again and give some talks. I have not been traveling (or even blogging) because I spent the past few months writing this draft article.*

While writing it, I couldn’t blog or travel. Just not enough time. But it’s out.

So I went to Austin this week (uploaded the paper the moment I landed). I went for South by Southwest Interactive and stayed for the Music Festival. I saw lots of old friends in tech policy: Andrew McLaughlin, Susan Crawford, Tim Wu, Elizabeth Stark, and others. It was a great working vacation turned into music vacation.

But more travel is on the way.

I will be speaking in Chicago, Michigan, and Boston.

In Chicago and Michigan, Nebraska is holding conferences on Space & Telecom law. (Luke Pelican, one of the merry band, will also be speaking in Michigan. So will Erik Mudrinich in Chicago.)

In Boston, I am one of the many speakers at the biggest conference on media reform–the seminal National Conference on Media Reform, organized by Free Press. I’m on a panel. Keynoting speakers include Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Prize winning economist) and Nancy Pelosi, among others.

My biggest talk will be the second talk in Michigan. I will speak at TEDx University of Michigan!

I’m excited and honored to join an amazing group of speakers at my alma mater. We will be at the historic, beautiful Michigan Theater, which will be at capacity, at 1700. I’ll speak about democracy and technology. That seems like an important topic that excites me …

*The law review article is about the First Amendment’s role in ensuring adequate spaces for Americans to speak, and how that role challenges several flawed assumptions about the First Amendment’s meaning. It was, if nothing else, an ambitious piece, and couldn’t be drafted overnight unfortunately. I’ll say more about it here and on other sites but the ultra-curious can go to the article itself.

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