Some Recent Press Etc.

I sometimes post some of my recent press and other stuff, for the few people who read my blog (mom, dad, my research assistants).

In the last few weeks, I was quoted in the New York Times about Keith Olbermann, in a story in section A of the Sunday Times. This resulted in a lot emails from strangers (the least friendly of which I read to my class). Also, on this issue, I was quoted in the Hollywood Reporter and The Hill.

I spoke at the State of the Net Conference about online video, and I was quoted in the National Journal and The Hill. Also quoted in PC World (somewhat misidentified by my previous job) on net neutrality stuff.

I wrote an analysis of Obama tech initiatives, which was front-paged on the Huffington Post, pointing out some of the State Department’s successes so far, and the challenges ahead of them. Was quoted briefly in Bloomberg Businessweek on the same issue.

I was interviewed on the Randi Rhodes show, a nationally syndicated radio show, on January 26.

Beyond that, the good folks at UCLA law school are organizing their annual entertainment law symposium, and are including my recent article on online TV in the program, republishing 700 copies of the article.

Otherwise, mainly working on a law review article and teaching. But will soon guest-blog for a month with the great folks over at Concurring Opinions.

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