FCC Commissioner Copps Comes Out Strong for Net Neutrality

Commissioner Copps’ reputation is the opposite of the Chairman’s–a principled fighter for the public interest.



“It’s no secret that I am looking for the strongest protections we can get to preserve an Open Internet, built on the most secure legal foundation so we don’t find ourselves in court every other month.  Over the next three weeks, I will work tirelessly with stake-holders—including, of course, consumers and Internet innovators—seeking to ensure real network neutrality that protects the online freedom of all Americans.  Today is the beginning of an important discussion, and not the end.  We have an historic opportunity to make sure this dynamic Internet technology reaches its full potential to create opportunity for every citizen.  I hope we will make the most of it.  At issue is who will control access to the online experiences of consumers—consumers themselves or Big Phone and Big Cable gatekeepers.”





2 thoughts on “FCC Commissioner Copps Comes Out Strong for Net Neutrality

  1. Lewis Berman says:


    I just heard your appearance on the Sam Seder podcast (at http://majority.fm). Thank you for the informative discussion of Title I, information provider vs. Title II, telecommunication carrier.

    Question: if Verizon and AT&T fall under Title I, doesn’t make them responsible for all information they transmit? Can they not be held legally accountable for every last bomb threat and every bit of child pornography that moves over their wires? Maybe we should push this accountability with the powers that be. In my book, the carriers can’t have it both ways.

    • Great point. If they’re information service providers, there is a provision of the Act that could still protect them from liability thought (47 USC 230). But worth looking into at points, including (some have argued) on copyright infringement.

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