Americans Favor Kill Switch for Internet

SecurityWeek News has a story on a recent survey conducted by Unisys, which found 61% of Americans favor some form of an Internet “kill switch” for the President to use in the event of a “coordinated malicious cyber attack.”  Other interesting aspects of the survey include:

The overall score for the current Unisys Security Index for the United States was 136, indicating a moderate level of overall security concern. The overall score declined from 147 since the last survey taken in February 2010, reflecting a decrease in concern across all four areas of security.


American’s fear surrounding Internet security continues to be on the decline with the number of Americans “not concerned” about computer security in relation to viruses or spam increasing to 34%, the greatest number since the Index’s inception. The most dramatic decline was reported in those “seriously concerned” about the security of shopping or banking online – from 43% in February 2010 to 34% in August 2010.

A Unisys press release with more details of the survey may be found here.

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