ACTA Lite?

Nate Anderson over at ARS Technica reports on the release of the ACTA treaty text and how the US largely failed to secure enough support for many of its positions.  Anderson noted the following Internet related developments:

Internet piracy. In earlier drafts, ISPs were told that they must have a policy for disconnecting repeat infringers (something already in the DMCA) in order to steer clear of liability, and disconnecting users after “three strikes” was held up as a model. All of this is gone, reduced to a mere footnote saying that countries can do what they want to limit ISP liability.

IP lookups. Each country does need to provide some way for rightsholders to turn an IP address into a name. Many countries have this already; in the US, it’s a subpoena, while a “Norwich Pharmacal Order” in the UK accomplishes the same thing.

You can visit this link for the ACTA text itself.


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