Cyber/Space Law Conference Next Week in DC

Several of us at Nebraska Law have been busily organizing a conference in DC, at the Newseum, next Thursday and Friday. I forgot how much work putting together a conference was.

But, with the DC conference right around the corner, I figured I’d post something on my thoughts at the moment.

Main thought: This. Will. Be. Awesome.

The setting of the Newseum is a  start—-beautiful, with French windows overlooking the Capitol.

But the strength of any conference rests on the speakers sharing their expertise and engaging one another. Our speakers include the Vice-Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Cartwright; the cybersecurity man, myth, and legend that is Bruce Schneier; the former top lawyer for the National Security Agency, Stewart Baker; the current top lawyer for U.S. CyberCommand, Gary Brown; and (not least) the NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver. Then you have Pamela Meredith, Jim Lewis, Marc Sachs, and many others.

Can’t even think of a synonym for “awesome” that does these folks justice.

But here’s a synonym for gratitude. “Thanks.” We have had help on panels and in getting out the word from Center for Strategic and International Studies, Federal Communications Bar Association, New America Foundation, U.S. CyberCommand, Council on Foreign Relations, and others. We have received help organizing speakers from a lot of friends across DC.

Thanks again. To our speakers, thanks in advance. See you in D.C.

To attend: it’s free, and register here.

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