In the News: U-Nebraska Law School Space & Telecom Program

Today, I figured I’d catalog some of the recent press hits for the UNL Space & Telecom Program, a program with which I am affiliated as a law professor at the U-Nebraska College of Law.

We had a stellar conference last week in DC, which resulted in at least six news stories.

Four of them were in the Washington Post and the Post online, and pertained to statements and ideas mentioned in a Keynote Conversation at our conference, on Thursday Nov. 19, between Andrew McLaughlin of the White House and Tim Wu of Columbia Law School.  Numbers 2 and 3 mention the conference by name: (1, 2, 3, and 4).

The Hill covered the keynote opening address by Alec Ross, of the State Department.

I wrote a Huffington Post story about an issue in these stories.

Broadband Census also covered the conference.

Outside the conference, this month, my thoughts were featured both in the Post (about set top boxes) and the Hill (on online shopping and policy).

One thought on “In the News: U-Nebraska Law School Space & Telecom Program

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