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Wiretapping Suit Dismissed

A federal district court judge dismisses a suit by the Center for Constitutional Rights challenging the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program, holding that the plaintiff’s do not have standing to bring suit.

Spam May Pay, But Crime Doesn’t

A New York broker allegedly used spam to advertise and artificially inflate thinly-traded Chinese stocks, only to cash out once the price soared. This classic pump-and-dump scheme allegedly earned the broker and his co-conspirators $30 million.

Super Bowl “Whac-a-Mole”

US Customs’ Operation “In Our Sites” prevents a number of websites that stream live sporting events from using US domain names.

What Spectrum Shortage?

The National Association of Broadcasters, looking to protect the spectrum currently reserved for broadcasters, is downplaying the likelihood of a “looming spectrum crisis,” wherein spectrum could be re-allocated to mobile broadband purposes.

Canadian ISPs Move to Metering

Many Canadian ISPs are moving to “usage-based billing” (UBB) in an effort to reduce network traffic. Observers are waiting to see how this will affect consumption behavior.

All Your Computer Are Belong to Us

A hacker who unlocked the PlayStation 3’s firmware is fighting a court order requiring him to turn over his computer gear to Sony.

Hard Drives, Re-imagined

Scientists working in the nascent field of biostorage have successfully encrypted data into the very DNA of the bacterium (with the already tech-friendly name) E. Coli, redefining the possibilities for data storage.

Senator Cantwell’s Net Neutrality Bill

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) introduced net neutrality legislation yesterday that would, in part, codify (in Title II) the six net neutrality principles outlined in an older FCC NPRM. Read the text of the bill here.

State of the Union Follow Up

President Obama called for broadband deployment to 98% of households within five years in last night’s State of the Union speech. But dailywireless lays out some of the difficulties in making that deployment affordable for consumers.

Do-Not-Track for Firefox

Mozilla is developing a do-not-track feature for the Firefox web browser, allowing users to avoid any third-party tracking of their online activity.

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