This blog reflects my personal views. I say this partly because my clients shouldn’t be associated with all of my personal opinions and I surely don’t want to run all my views through their communications departments before publishing.

I run a little law firm and public policy practice that promotes innovation and open platforms. It’s an opinionated law firm: our opinion is that the Internet should be open and free. I’m not a lobbyist and almost never do anything that would be considered lobbying.

I’ve worked on network neutrality for many years and you should attribute none of my views to any of my clients. I advise the Internet Freedom Business Alliance, among other groups.

I advise Google and Dropbox pretty regularly on legal and policy issues, including on free expression, copyright, and government surveillance issues. I’ve done a little work on patents as well. Though I sometimes give them my thoughts on net neutrality, I never speak for Google on the issue.

I was recently a fellow of the New America Foundation. It’s a book-writing or academic fellowship. There was a little money attached to it, but the only string was that I had to mention I was a fellow when I publish stuff. Nothing else. Nobody told me what to write.

I am now on the Board of Directors of several nonprofit advocacy groups, including Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and Engine Advocacy. I am a fellow of the America Business Council Foundation. That is all pro bono, done out of love for those organizations and their important work.

Before taking on any corporate clients, I was an academic and a public interest lawyer. I was a lawyer for Free Press, a nonprofit that takes no contributions from governments or corporations with a stake in their issues.


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